Early Analytic Group

The Stirling Early Analytic Group

Philosophy at Stirling has a significant group of staff with research interests in the history of analytic philosophy, including Philip Ebert, Colin Johnston, Peter Milne, Peter Sullivan, and Crispin Wright.

Together they form the core of the Stirling Early Analytic Group, currently coordinated by Colin Johnston and Peter Sullivan. Since 2013 the group has held a series of informal workshops bringing together philosophers and research students, from elsewhere in Scotland and beyond, to discuss issues of shared interest. From 2013-15 the group’s meetings interleaved with a series of workshops, Frege@Stirling, organized by Walter Pedriali as part of his Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship project conducted at Stirling.

Forthcoming Workshop

EAG 7: Themes from the Tractatus
Tuesday 23 April 2019, from 10.30 am
Room C1, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling

Confirmed speakers:

Hanne Appelqvist (Helsinki), The Transcendentality of Ethics in the Tractatus
Roger White (Leeds), Modality and the Tractatus
Indrek Lobus (Stirling), The Negation Argument (Tractatus 4.0621)
Colin Johnson (Stirling), Solipsism and the Graspability of Sense

Previous Workshops

EAG 6, 27 Jan 2018: Ramsey and Wittgenstein Programme
EAG 5, 19 November 2016 Programme
EAG 4, 12 March 2016 Programme
Frege@Stirling 3, 10-11 June 2015: Sense-Identity and Definitions Programme
EAG 3, 15 November 2014: David Bostock’s Russell’s Logical Atomism Programme
Frege@Stirling 2, 10-11 May 2014: Frege’s Conception of Sense Programme
EAG 2, 12 April 2014 Programme
EAG 1, 26 October 2013 Programme
Frege@Stirling 1, 22-23 June 2013: Frege’s Epistemology of Basic Logical Laws Programme